Ian Brindle Portfolio

My career has spanned a total of 22 years within the bounds of commercial art, 18 of which have been digitally orientated, covering Game Development, Television and Print Industries.

Starting out as a graphic designer I created ads for print. I then progressed to working for comic giants Marvel producing full colour covers. Crossing from airbrush to mouse I started my career in digital art, making art and animation assets for computer games. As software progressed I too progressed into 3D, model making, animating and texture generation. Going on to contribute to 17 published titles on various consoles and PC platforms.

My career has enabled me to work on some truely creative and exciting projects. I have enjoyed working within several disciplines including character, environment, animation and marketing. All of these have given me indepth understanding of their respective production pipelines.

I am open to all new opportunities and look forward to contributing to many more.